My travel journey

So, I just wanted to start this blog as a way of…. I guess keeping up with my stream of consciousness through my journey of being a travel agent. I have spent my days since I started researching…. constantly! I swear some nights I lay down to go to sleep and all the information is just buzzing around in my brain! Hotels, cruises, all inclusives, theme parks. Just a big jumbled mess of the places I want to go and want to send my clients.

I booked my very first trip for a client yesterday. I am seriously on cloud 9 and a half! She is so excited and I helped with that! (And even saved her a few bucks in the process!) I can’t wait to start planning and booking for more people. Every time I see someone post vacation photos, I just go in and see how I could have booked that trip. The options. That, however, isn’t a new thing. Ask my husband or my mom how down to the letter my trip was planned for Disney. I know a Disney trip calls for A LOT of planning…. but there is Disney Planning and then there is Carlie Disney Planning! I drove everyone nuts!

I guess that’s enough for now. I really look forward to sharing my tips, tricks and travel inspiration here, as well as some deals and maybe even a giveaway of some sort!

Carlie Thomas

Off The Pages Travel

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