I have to say that so far my favorite part of this whole journey is getting certifications! I’m learning so much about these travel destinations! I cannot wait to send my clients on dream vacations!

One thing you’ll probably figure out about me is that I am a Disney fan (to put it mildly, its more an obsession, but a healthy one!) and I am REALLY knowledgeable about Disney Vacations. So it shouldn’t really come as any surprise that the Disney Certification has been my favorite so far. I spent days in heaven going through the courses.

My first couple of certifications were all tropical paradises, Jamaica, Aruba, Cancun, Cozumel and Riviera Maya. That’s just because when I think vacation, that’s what I think of. Sandy beaches, and an ocean breeze, a tropical drink in my hand and the waves crashing on the shore. But yesterday, I got my certification for booking travel in Japan and WOW! I think my idea of a vacation may be changing a bit!

Tell me in the comments, where do you want to go? What type of destination should my next certification be in? Until then, Keep up those travel dreams! And don’t forget to check out my Facebook group! Off The Pages Travel!

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