Return of the cruise!

What has been my travel dream since I was a little girl? Taking a cruise! I have always wanted to go on one. I’ve spent hours sitting at my computer planning my perfect cruise on all the top cruise lines. I have planned for a cruise on a shoestring budget to my dream cruise all over the world! And now, when that dream is in reach… Covid! Ugh!

Covid has struck down travel plans across the board but it seems like the cruise industry has been the hardest hit. But I have good news! Cruising is returning! Not only is it returning, the top cruise lines are offering MAJOR deals to attract sailors back to their ships! Its so exciting!

Oh! I almost forgot to include here that not only is cruising returning, Disney cruise lines are actually introducing a new ship! The Disney Wish! Check out this gorgeous ship here!

I’d love to hear about your favorite cruise line! Tell me in the comments who you love cruising with or even who you dream of cruising with! Want information or to book your own cruise? Contact me!

Until Next Time,

Carlie Off The Pages Travel

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