Reasons to book with a travel agent.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why do I need to book with a travel agent? I can do all of this myself!” And, at the very basic level… you are absolutely correct! I know you are fully capable of booking your own vacation, but really, why should you have to?

The first reason is price. Travel agents have partnerships with certain vendors and can most always get a lower price than most people. While this isn’t always true, a lot of times we can find pretty good deals.

The second reason is the biggie! Effort. Your travel agent is going to go to bat for you. If you are booking your own Disney World vacation for instance, you will have to get up at 6am EST to book your dining and fast passes (when they come back). If there is an issue with your trip, you call your travel agent and he or she will be the one fighting to get everything corrected.

A bonus…. when you have a good travel agent, a lot of times you will get little extras. It could be something the hotel or resort offers for clients that book through a certain agency, or it could be something your travel agent throws in as a show of their appreciation for booking with them. It could be a room upgrade or a certificate for free (with taxes and fees of course) travel! Or even just a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for you when you check in! It doesn’t always happen, but when we travel agents can spread a little magic, we definitely try to!

So now you know! And as a big plus…. a lot of time, booking with travel agents (me for example) doesn’t cost you a cent more! Now, how can you beat that?

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