Reasons to book with a travel agent.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why do I need to book with a travel agent? I can do all of this myself!” And, at the very basic level… you are absolutely correct! I know you are fully capable of booking your own vacation, but really, why should you have to? The first reason is price.Continue reading “Reasons to book with a travel agent.”

Top 5 All-Inclusive Resort and Hotels.

What could be more relaxing than knowing that everything you need is included in your vacation. Going to dinner without having to worry about the prices or not having to carry anything to the pool even if you want a snack is incredibly freeing! Food, stay, activities? All included! Some all-inclusives are better than others.Continue reading “Top 5 All-Inclusive Resort and Hotels.”

Travel During Covid: 3 Florida Theme parks change mask regulations!

It was announced that three major Florida theme parks; Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Sea World Orlando; have updated their mask regulations. Previous to this update, guests were required to wear approved masks in all areas of the park at all times, unless sitting or standing still to eat or drink. Now both Disney WorldContinue reading “Travel During Covid: 3 Florida Theme parks change mask regulations!”


30% Off All Cruises + Free Airfare + Free Offers Get away to paradise with big savings.Ready to Break Free? Reserve your spot on one of our first available cruises to The Caribbean and Europe, or set your sights on vacations in 2022 and beyond. Where ever and whenever you choose to cruise, now isContinue reading “NORWEGIAN IS BACK AND CRUISING!”

15 Tips and Tricks For First Time Cruisers

I am apparently on a cruise roll right now. After yesterdays Return Of The Cruise blog, I went cruise crazy. I have watched so many youtubers ‘gone cruisin’ and have compiled a list of tips and tricks for first time cruisers! Of course, I decided to come right over and share with you! So hereContinue reading “15 Tips and Tricks For First Time Cruisers”


I have to say that so far my favorite part of this whole journey is getting certifications! I’m learning so much about these travel destinations! I cannot wait to send my clients on dream vacations! One thing you’ll probably figure out about me is that I am a Disney fan (to put it mildly, itsContinue reading “Certifications!”

My travel journey

So, I just wanted to start this blog as a way of…. I guess keeping up with my stream of consciousness through my journey of being a travel agent. I have spent my days since I started researching…. constantly! I swear some nights I lay down to go to sleep and all the information isContinue reading “My travel journey”